Radiator Foil

radiator foil
Reducing heat loss with Radiator Foil

Radflek Radiator Foil is a proven cost effective way of reduce heat loss from your home or business, designed to improve your heating system output and efficiency.

How radiator relfector foil work

  • Around 40% of a radiator's heat is wasted on heating the wall.
  • A Radflek Radiator foil will reflect 95% of that wasted heat back into the room.
  • The panel hangs free off the wall brackets between the radiator and the wall, making it easy to remove and clean. It also makes it more effective at reflecting heat.
  • Most of the heat loss takes place from the middle of the radiator, so even if the sheets don't go right the way to the end, or the brackets are low, the most important bit of the radiator is covered.
  • Easy to keep the Radiator foil dust-free, to ensure maximum reflectivity.
  • The Building Research Establishment (BRE) has shown that one sheet of Radflek Radiator Reflector will save up to 114 kWh every year.
  • Radflek Radiator Reflector sheets can pay for themselves in a year.
  • British Board of Agrément (BBA) certified to have a 60-year life
  • Approved for use in the Government's Carbon Emission Reduction Target (CERT) scheme, administered by Ofgem.

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Why use Foil...

Test show that our thin layer radiator reflector foil is a highly cost effective way in ruducing thermal heat loss from the back of your radiators through your walls.

Radiator Foil as used by diesel additive uk